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Grooming – Price list

Full Grooming price list

Pricing and how it is calculated

  • This is a bespoke dog grooming salon and the price reflects the time, care and expertise that goes into getting the groom right for each and every dog. Your dog is prepped, bathed, hand dried and styled by only myself with no other dogs or person in the salon. This allows for trust and a bond to be developed to make the groom experience the best it can be, as it should be pleasant. Let your dog as well as yourself be the judge of the service. If both yourself and they are both happy to come back then hopefully this means the environment, process, handling and timing is correct, whatever this transpires to be, as all dogs are different when being groomed.
  • Prices are ‘from’ and dependent on coat type, density of undercoat to be removed, grooming techniques used, size, style, behaviour of your dog. Your groom price and reasons why will be confirmed with you after the initial consultation meeting with your dog present and also upon collection of each subsequent groom as coat condition, health and temperament can change from the time of consultation to the groom. Any initial prices quoted over the phone are indicative only and are subject to confirmation at the consultation.
  • All trims are clipped pet trims on the correct breed cycle unless otherwise stated.
  • Drop coated breed and Poodle cross breed prices are for teddy style trims in a 4-6 week cycle depending on coat type/lifestyle.
  • Hand stripping is time based at £30 an hour and starts from £55 on a 4-6 week cycle as a specialist service. It does not include a bath but if there is time and the strip was not excessive this may be given. Also if your dog is showing signs of distress whilst being stripped, the groom will be stopped and other grooming methods discussed with you.
  • Double coated breeds are on a 2-3 month regular de-shed cycle to prevent a compacted undercoat/matting.
  • Please provide at least 48 hours notice if you need to cancel otherwise 50% of the groom fee may be charged if the appointment cannot be re-booked.
  • A non refundable booking fee of 75% of the groom applies on all bookings made from the 1st to 31st December.
  • £5 overgrown fee applies for coats that are +1 month outside of their normal breed cycle to reflect the extra time and work to groom out.

De-matting – Because the de-matting process involves extreme care, extra time and skill, and blunts blades, an additional charge applies depending on the severity of the matting as follows:

  • The cost of the standard groom, plus:
  • Spot matt removal: eg Matts removed in a few places £10-£15.
    Full clip off: An additional £25 fee to cover equipment wear and tear and the cost of the blades and scissors being professionally sharpened
    and serviced.
    If your dog presents regularly with severe matting and it has been explained how to look after the coat at home, the salon reserves the right to groom the coat in a short and easy to manage cut on a 4-5 week cycle. In extreme cases it may refuse to groom as this situation does not meet with the ethics of the salon around animal welfare.

Please note that should your dog present with skin irritations, parasites or skin infections are found as part of the de-matting process, the salon is not liable for these or any subsequent veterinary fees which are to be met by the owner.

*To ensure the comfort, health and well-being of your dog and avoid unnecessary charges and it is recommended that clients forward book appointments in the recommended cycles for their dogs breed coat growth and also regularly brush and comb their dog using the correct tools/frequency in between grooms. Combs and brushes can be purchased at the salon and free guidance for safe usage is provided.

  • Prices are subject to reviewed annually. Prices correct at 1/1/20.

GUNDOGS Dependant on if clipped or stripped and size

American Cocker spaniel - Clipped From £50

Cockapoo - Small, Medium and Large From £45 depending on size/coat condition

English Cocker spaniel - Clipped From £50

Working English Cocker Spaniel - Clipped From £50

Labradoodle From £50 depending on size/coat condition

Labrador deshed £40- £60 depending on size

Working Springer Spaniel - Clipped From £45 depending on size

Golden Retriever - Quarterly deshed/tidy From £70 (depending on size coat state)

Wirehaired Vizsla - Handstripped From £70 depending on coat growth / size


Handstripped breed prices are based on a 4-6 week rolling cycle.

Airedale - clipped From £55 depending on size

Airedale - full hand strip From £70 depending on size

Border terrier - Hand stripped jacket / ears / thinners legs and head £55

Border terrier - full hand strip From £70 (depending on coat density)

Cairn terrier - Hand stripped jacket / thinners skirts legs From £55

Fox terrier - wire coat - Hand stripped jacket & ears / thinners legs / face From £55

Fox terrier - wire coat - full hand strip From £70

Lakeland terrier - Hand stripped jacket & ears / thinners legs + face From £55

Lakeland terrier - full hand strip From £70

Schnauzers - Clipped (Minature, standard, Giant) £45-£60 depending on size/coat condition

Staffie deshed £35

Welsh terrier - clipped From £40

Westie £45

Minature Schnauzer - Handstripped From £55

Toy Dogs

Additional fees apply for overgrown or matted coates – see above.

Chihuahua Smooth coat - deshed £35

Chihuahua – Long coat deshed £40

Yorkie From £40 depending on size

Shih Tzu From £45 depending on coat lenght

Lhasa From £45 depending on coat length

Bhichon Frise (Short coat) From £45

Toy Poodle - clipped feet £5 extra From £40

Miniature Poodle - clipped feet £5 extra From £50

Bichon or poodle Cross breeds From £45

Pug- De-shed From £35


Additional fees apply for overgrown or matted coates – see above.

Basset Hound - Quarterly de-shed £45

Whippet - Quarterly de-shed £35

Utility Dogs

Additional fees apply for overgrown or matted coates – see above.

Standard Poodle Pet trim - 4-6 week groom cycle From £70 depending on size, coat length - including clipped feet

Working Dogs

Additional fees apply for overgrown or matted coates – see above.

Newfoundland - Quarterly de-shed From £80 (based on quarterly de-shed)

Pastoral Dogs

Additional fees apply for overgrown or matted coates – see above.

Border Collie - Quarterly de-shed From £50

Bearded Collie - full coat every four weeks groom cycle From £50

German Shepherd - quarterly de-shed From £70 depending on size

Sheltie (1/4ly deshed) £50

Collie From £70 depending on size

Great Value Puppy Care Package - Just £50

To ensure your new puppy is introduced to a lifetime of grooming in a positive and pleasurable way, the following care package is available for an one off upfront fee of £50 which offers great value.

The puppy package includes:

  • 1 hours expert groom advice and consultation with myself to discuss how to look after your puppies coat at home to prevent matts/dirt build up, the tools required to achieve this and a demonstration on how to use them correctly. Also which method of grooming is best for your dogs coat/temperament, lifestyle and budget. Your Puppy can play with toys during this time and have a few treats with your permission.
  • 10% of any grooming tools purchased at the consultation.
  • X 1 intro puppy wash for all puppies after their 2nd vaccination up to 16 weeks old. To include play/bath+ dry, hygiene clip, eye and foot tidy, ear clean. If the coat is a doodle coat and requires clipping to prevent matting, this will then fall under a normal groom fee but with the 15% discount applied.

Please note that depending how your puppy is on the day and how they take to grooming, your appointment may take a longer time period than an adult dog. The right is reserved to stop the groom and re-book if your puppy is showing signs of not tolerating the process due to tiredness, teething or being unduly hypo-active.


Nails - standalone service £8-£10 (depending on size of dog)

Fleas - Additional salon cleaning time/spray treatment costs £20

Overgrown coats (every one month overdue normal groom cycle) +£5-£10 per each month overdue normal cycle for additional time

De Matt - Equipment wear & tear on blades / scissors due to dirty coats and matts £30 plus the below fees

De Matt - Additional specialist groom time to remove safely £10 per every additional 15 mins over 2.5hrs groom

Missed appointments

If you are unable to make an pre-booked appointment, please give 48 hours notice or as soon as you are aware it will be difficult to attend otherwise 50% of the groom price may be invoiced and there may be a waiting period to re-book.

Christmas appointments:

Christmas Bookings

Due to the high demand for grooming during December, a non refundable booking fee of 75% of the groom cost is payable at the time of booking for all appointments made from 1st to the 24th December r. This is because the time is reserved specifically for yourself and your dog and cannot easily be re booked at short notice as people are busy with other Christmas commitments or are away. Payment is by BACS transfer or Card and your appointment will be confirmed by text once payment is received.

The large small print:

  • Prices are subject to ongoing review based on inflation and are correct at 1/1/19.
  • Payment is by Cash, Card or Cheque payable to ‘SootyPaws’ upon collection of your dog. Regular clients are able to pay by BACS transfer. The price and collection time will be confirmed by text or phone once your dog has been bathed and dried to help you manage your day. It also ensures the groom can be completed as your dog will be very excited to see you and may not settle again if disturbed during grooming. Groom timings vary depending on the behaviour of your dog on groom day and a good walk beforehand is requested to help them settle more quickly.

I have the highest praise for Louise at Sootypaws, she is very professional and has a calming effect on my Border Terrier. I would recommend Sootypaws to anyone who wants a very professional job done in a most caring way.

Julie (and Hattie a Border Terrier), Slapton read more

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Coronavirus Disease update: Due to Lock Down and to ensure the safety of clients and a covid-19 safe environment, regrettably the salon is only open for urgent welfare grooms for existing clients. To apologise for any inconvenience caused. You are still very welcome to get in touch to register your interest for the future.

To ensure my clients dogs safety and well being, it is not possible to answer the phone when grooming. Please do leave a message, email or text as I do want to hear from you and I will get back as soon as safely possible, normally early evening time. Thank you for your understanding and patience and please stay safe and well.

Best wishes and I hope we can meet soon.

Lou x

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