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Grooming plays a vital part in looking after your pets health and also very important in detecting early signs of parasite infections and disease.

Keeping your dog healthy

Healthy coat, healthy dog

Did you know that a well maintained coat plays a big part in your pets overall health and well-being? Regular grooming will make your pet feel more comfortable, energetic and confident by being able to control its temperature, move freely without pain and irritation caused by painful matts, parasites and dry sore skin. It also ensures any signs of parasites and disease are identified for early treatment at the vets. Along with a suitable diet, socialisation, rest and exercise, regular grooming supports a well-balanced and healthy pet.

Parasites – prevention is better than cure.

No matter how clean your pet or home is, parasites can still get into your environment and onto your dog, causing suffering and contamination of other pets and sometimes humans. Below is a guide to help you spot the signs of common parasites so that you can prevent them in the first instance and take action, under veterinary guidence, to eliminate and prevent further infestations should these occur. This also ensures you meet your obligations under the Veterinary Medicines Regulations.


Flea eggs live in pet beds/carpets. Adult fleas feed on blood by biting dogs/cats and humans. Scratching, red skin and actual fleas on your pet are common symptoms.

How to treat fleas: Monthly spot on flea treatment based on your pets weight. Spray pet bed, house, car with a vet recommended lasting flea spray.


Ticks live in long grass, trees, bushes, dense vegetation attaching to dogs/cats when they brush against this with their mouth to feed on their blood. Ticks cause skin inflammation, Lyme disease and anaemia.

How to treat ticks: Use a proper tick remover of the correct size for the tick. Place the remover hook carefully under the body of the tick, then twist and pull at the same time in an anti-clockwise direction to remove. Ensure the mouth parts and legs are removed and carefully dispose of the tick by wrapping in a plastic bag and putting in the household waste. Do not touch the tick as it can transfer disease to humans.

Sarcoptic Mange Mites

These burrow in the host animals skin, very contagious. Cause intense irritation, scratching, redness, hair loss, skin wrinkling and disease, in ear margin, groin, elbows, hocks, whole body.

How to treat mites: Monthly spot flea/parasite/ worm treatment eg Drontal as prevention. Seek a vets advice for correct treatments if present.

Biting/Sucking Lice

Lives on the host animal and host specific, spread via direct animal contact. Cause intense itching/scatching, skin inflammation, hairless patches, white nit eggs and bacterial infections.

How to treat lice: Use a monthly spot flea/parasite/ worm treatment eg Drontal, as prevention. Seek a vets advice for correct treatments if present.

Always follow treatment usage instructions and check with your vet if unsure about how to use the treatment.

All skin parasites cause pruritus or itchy skin. This can range from mild to intense scratching to self-mutilation, pustules, crusty skin and in extreme cases, secondary infections which require veterinary care. If you suspect or see parasites on your dog you must seek veterinary advice immediately to prevent the further spread of disease and obtain the correct treatments to break the infestation cycle on your dog, in its bedding, in your home and car.

First Aid – What to do in an emergency

Did you know that as a pet owner, you have a legal obligation under the Animal Welfare Act 2006 to take the appropriate action to prevent unnecessary pain and suffering to your pet. To meet the requirements of the law, it’s important you know what to do when an emergency strikes. Below are some common accidents that dog owners are likely to encounter with their own pet or when minding others.


…from medicines, pesticides, household chemicals, Plants and inset stings. Check pulse/breathing. Identify the poison, call the vet immediately for advice. Wash of poison if on the animal. Do not make sick if a corrosive or sedative.

Heat stroke

Remove from the heat to a cool area, splash/cover with wet luke warm towels, give cool water. Do not put in cold water as causes shock. Call your vet immediately for guidance on initial first aid and then take to your vet for a full diagnosis and treatment.

Fractured or broken limbs

Control any bleeding. Apply a splint made from wood, rolled newspaper, plastic. Minimise movement via a make-shift stretcher. Call your vet immediately for guidance on initial first aid and then take to your vet for a full diagnosis and treatment.

Cuts and deep wounds

Stem the bleeding; apply direct pressure with hand, pad or pressure bandage, or apply tourniquet above point of bleeding. Call your vet immediately for guidance on initial first aid and then take to your vet for a full diagnosis and treatment.

Burns and scalds

Cool burn with cold water. Keep dog warm, dress with cling film, limit movement. Call your vet immediately for guidance on initial first aid and then take to your vet for a full diagnosis and treatment.

SootyPaws care

The care you can expect from Sootypaws salon:

  • That your dog is groomed in a suitable environment by providing an individual table with safety restraints, ventilation, heating, dry clean towels and a properly sterilised salon and equipment for each client.
  • That access to a suitable diet is provided by providing fresh water at the start, after bathing and at the end of each groom in a clean sterilised bowl. Your pet is only given small treats with your prior permission and is not fed unless at your request for medical / lifestage reasons, in case of allergies and to ensure diet control.
  • That your dog is able to exhibit normal behaviour: Your dog will have space to move and sit on the grooming table. A toilet break is also provided if a groom is taking over 2.5 hours. We do though ask that you toilet your dog before arriving at the salon.
  • That your dog is homed with, or apart from other animals: Your dog will be the only dog in the salon. The salon is well ventilated, heated and your dog can rest on clean bedding should you be delayed in collecting.
  • That your dog is protected from pain, injury, suffering and disease by following safe handling techniques, using annual PAT tested equipment operated by a fully qualified professional groomer, adhering to high hygiene standards and ensuring all equipment and the environment is sterilised to prevent cross contamination of diseases and parasites.

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I would really recommend Lou, apart from being such a lovely person she's amazing dog groomer! Mojo is a very nervous dog but Lou puts him at ease (and me too) she has a very calming influence on him and the end result is brilliant. We are very lucky to find her!

Tania (and Mojo a Yorkiechon), Slapton read more

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Coronavirus Disease update: Due to Lock Down and to ensure the safety of clients and a covid-19 safe environment, regrettably the salon is only open for urgent welfare grooms for existing clients. To apologise for any inconvenience caused. You are still very welcome to get in touch to register your interest for the future.

To ensure my clients dogs safety and well being, it is not possible to answer the phone when grooming. Please do leave a message, email or text as I do want to hear from you and I will get back as soon as safely possible, normally early evening time. Thank you for your understanding and patience and please stay safe and well.

Best wishes and I hope we can meet soon.

Lou x

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